Welcome to the future home of LadySnowwolfe.

I have been online since I bought my first computer in 1999, and fell in love with web design from the start. When my daughter told me about NeoCities and that it was to bring back the old GeoCities, I had to come check it out!

For me, I had drifted away from GeoCities long before it closed, but that is just how life is isn't it? The early 2000's is when I collected most of the sets and images you will find here, including the one this one I am currently using to design my site.

I will be slowly adding everything as I get it better organized. I litterally had like 3 folders on my old external named web design lol. I had doubles of many images and probably even more that I haven't seen yet.

So get ready for some real Old School GeoCities graphics!